Laying the foundation for the new Kodak Moments Design System


Design for Kodak Moments was becoming increasingly fragmented. With a variety of products across multiple platforms and brands, there was a lack of cohesion. The Kodak Moments design system aimed to solve these problems by creating a UI kit for the entire design team paired with documentation for components and guidance on foundational design patterns.

My Role

As an individual contributor to the design system, I set up the Core Sketch design file including layer styles, type styles, color variables, and elevation styles. I created two components and defined all their variations and states (buttons and inputs). I also defined a model for Sketch library inheritance for our platform specific Sketch libraries including Web, iOS, and Android, as well as guidance for white-labeled libraries. While always evolving, we launched an MVP version of the design system and continue to contribute to it weekly.


Kodak Moments

Where's the case study?

To maintain a level of confidentiality, I'm unable to share more about this project. If you'd like to learn more about my design process, feel free to reach out through email.

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